Our swimsuits are designed and manufactured in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we recently spent a year living. Exceptional manufacturing partners and materials are cornerstone to our brand. Our materials are sourced from France, Spain, and Italy, which not only provides us access to the finest quality, but also enables us to reduce our environmental footprint by sourcing locally in Central and Western Europe.

Additionally, being within walking distance of where all our swimsuits are prototyped, fitted and manufactured allowed us to be hands-on, every step of the way. Slovenia has a long history of textile manufacturing, and our partner was sought out for their expertise in technical fabrics and bespoke apparel, and exceptional reputation. Most importantly, our production partner provides fair wages and a safe working environment for all employees -- an element that was critical for us.

Meeting with production partners

Our swimsuits are shipped in packages that are roadside recyclable, made from post-consumer recycled materials. This means no “recyclable plastic” or other waste contributing to our landfills.

Today, the average American contributes over 80 pounds of textile waste to landfills each year. For us, involvement in the industry means a need to incorporate sustainable practices to reduce our impact. We seek to inspire confidence in our customers by creating swimwear that feels great to wear – and to own.